Bringing the Backyard to Life: Local Films In San Luis Obispo

Films are a useful means to express an idea, emotion, or something that is visually pleasing. At Cal Poly, students of all academic areas make films for different purposes.

Ranging from comedies to documentaries, students from all different backgrounds explore cultural elements through cinema. Classes and clubs introduce these people to filmmaking while others take it upon themselves to make a film.

For example, multiple student-made films were picked to be featured at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival.  From Mustang News, select students in the classes Cinematic Process and Digital Video II were given the opportunity to bring their class assignment to the big screen.

Similar to those classes, a club called the Cal Poly Film Production Society has begun production of a film themselves.  The club brings an assortment of people together mainly to screen different films, but some members of the club have begun production on their own film.

Elena Petersen is an officer of the club and one of the main members producing the project. Calling it an experimental documentary of the San Luis Obispo landscapes, the club is creating a collaboration of scenes from various members.

“It’s going to be an experiment of how so-and-so interprets a landscape and the inspiration they feel when filming that area,” said Petersen.

Beginning February 17 of this year, the club hopes to have their final product done by May 19.

Some students even create films outside of the school as platform to share their artistic vision.  Downhill skateboarder Ryan Gottlieb uses film as a means to promote his skateboarding brand, Skate Blood Orange, in San Luis Obispo.

When talking about the last composition he was a part of, Gottlieb says, “Films are a cool way to make something artistic and spread my name throughout the downhill skate community.”

As a means to communicate something to the world, students at Cal Poly demonstrate different reasons for cinema.


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