Finding The Filipino Identity: Interview With Larry Antiporta

From a view, Larry Antiporta appears as a normal, established American citizen. Proudly sporting his Delta Chi collared shirt, Ray-bans sunglasses, khaki pants, and Sperry footwear, he greets me and asks, "Do I look like a douche right now?" For my journalism class, all the students were asked to interview and develop a movie project... Continue Reading →


Why to Pop Kernels from the Pot

Microwaves sometimes just do not make the cut.  "Nuking" some popcorn is extremely convenient—it is fast, efficient, and super simple— yet there just seems to be something missing from that meal. Snacks are essential for the movie experience, and sometimes the extra effort goes a long way to make the perfect bowl of popcorn. For people that choose to not... Continue Reading →

Skating Onto the Big Screen With Ryan Gottlieb

For Ryan Gottlieb, being filmed is a means to promote his downhill skateboarding. With the films he is in, Gottlieb has found popularity and general recognition among the downhill skateboarding community.  He goes over details of filming his runs along with general info of his last project, Blood Orange: Bricks and Coconuts .

Bringing the Backyard to Life: Local Films In San Luis Obispo

Films are a useful means to express an idea, emotion, or something that is visually pleasing. At Cal Poly, students of all academic areas make films for different purposes. Ranging from comedies to documentaries, students from all different backgrounds explore cultural elements through cinema. Classes and clubs introduce these people to filmmaking while others take it upon themselves... Continue Reading →

Superhero Heroics Negatively Influencing Kids

Superhero movies are an essential part of American society nowadays. Children look up to them as role models, the superhero brand is on products everywhere, and they also offer kick-ass movies every year.  Characters like Superman are American icons; people who save the world while upholding values of justice and morality. But a movie about... Continue Reading →

Films Exploring Prejudice

The movie industry has recently found a trend of promoting African-American cinema, either through the Oscars or general movie plots.  From the latest version of Birth of a Nation to Fences and the Academy Award nominated documentary 13th, movies with a theme of racism have gained popularity.  However, while those movies center on general struggles of being an African-American, the film Get... Continue Reading →

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